Tour de Scotland (part two) – From Brodick to (almost) Lochranza

After doing some relaxation in Paisley, we decided to relax some more by visiting one of Scottish islands. Actually we didn’t plan anything special, it was more of spontaneous one-day trip. So, we looked on our map and decided to visit Isle of Arran. Checked our train and ferry connections and next thing you know we were on train to Ardrossan harbour. ScotRail really have great connections to every place in the country! Anyway, we drove for a half an hour until we came to a harbour.


We arrive at Ardrossan harbour just few steps away from ticket office, bought tickets and sat on a ferry. The ferry was huge with restaurant and bar and lounge area. We took a breakfast there and didn’t regret. It was really delicious and you can choose a wide range of food and drinks. A bit later we came out on a deck and just enjoyed the ride – was windy but worth seeing that beautiful ocean views and  just let wind to play with your hair. After an hour of drifting through inlet The Firth of Clyde, we finally arrived on Isle of Arran – at Brodick Bay. We fell in love on first sight!

Landscape of Brodick Bay


Arran is really something. This is the place where everything blends into one perfection of nature – the beautiful coast, smell of the ocean, magnificent mountains, rich wildlife and of course history. And everything that combined with peace and quiet so you can rest your soul here. Oh, what a place ♥

But, let’s get back to our arrival on island… Since we didn’t know where to go next and what to visit, decided to go at Information centre and ask for some advice. The lady in the info was really helpful and gave to us free maps of the island, suggested us some castles to visit and told us where can we see some of wildlife. 

We decided to do a bike tour ourselves from Brodick (where was one of castles) to Lochranza (where was the other castle and distillery where they make whiskey). It was about 30 miles tour all together, so we rapidly went to hire some bikes. The lady who worked there warned us that the last part of that route is going to be extremely hard because of the high mountains, but that didn’t worried us that much (and we thought that we can handle that, what a fools we have been). We rent a bikes for whole day and started our tour (about 30£ for two adults). 

Landscapes of this island are amazing, believe us… So, we decided to take it slow and just soak up that beauty. Stoped a lot just to take pictures of everything around us cause every photo was like a postcard.  As a photography lovers we really enjoyed it!




After some time of just enjoying in taking photos, we finally came to our first Scottish castle – Brodick Castle. It’s a pretty big complex of beautiful gardens with a castle. We couldn’t get into the castle at the time because there was some renovation, but seeing it just outside was enough to us. The castle and gardens around it were gorgeus! Really enjoyed it.

Brodick Castle
Walled Garden

Continuing to Lochranza, pedaled slowly next to the coast some time. Got to Sannox where was still everything flat and easy to ride. We stopped there to look for seals like lady at info told us, but didn’t found them. So after a short break we set off further. And what a surprise, the way is not that flat anymore – we started to climb a bit. But “a bit” soon turned to “a lot more”. As we were going on, it was harder and harder. So we just get off from our bikes and walked beside them. The views now were pretty different. Now we weren’t on coast anymore, but in mountains. Again, gorgeus postcard photos! There was livestock on grasslands and river with small waterfalls, just unspoiled nature – precious!

Where everything is stil easy (ha, ha)
A bit different landscapes
Small waterfalls on the way

At this point of our pedaling, it started to be just to exhausting for us, and a bit late already. So, decided to just give up of Lochranza. Thought, the lady at the bike hire was right – it was pretty hard here. But, it was enough for one day and we were really pleased with what we saw. Evethough we wanted to see the other castle, we had to leave that for the other visit to Arran – and we will come back for sure. Not just for a day, but for a few days. 

On the way back to the Brodick and ferry to Ardrossan, we were lucky and just near Sannox noticed something – to be exact someone. The seals were on the coastal rocks enjoying the sun. We were so happy to see them and to take a few photos of them. So sweet animals!

Seal near Sannox

Happy as we were, continued to the Brodick, sat on ferry and said goodbye to this lovely island! This place was definitely worth of visit. There is a wide range of acitivities to do here –  we choose bike riding and visiting castles. But, you can just go on a long walks and enjoy nature or some serious climing on the mountains. You can go cycling like we did (really recommend), horse riding, paraglading etc. Also, there are three castles that you can visit on island, distillery where whiskey is made, all kinds of shops ( cheese, whiskeys, beers, famous Arran oat cakes etc.) If you are into landscape and wildlife photography, this will be heaven for you! Litteraly every corner of the island is breathtaking! Visit Arran and you won’t regret it, for sure!

If you’re would like to see some more photos, check out our gallery.

Thanks for reading us! Tour de Scotland part three coming soon! Stay in touch! 🙂










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