TOUR DE SCOTLAND (part one) – Visit small town Paisley

In the middle of this may we decided to visit Scotland. It was really hard for us to decide which places should we visit – wanted to see a bit of everything (that pure nature, see some castles, visit some of Scottish islands, of course see the capital city Edinburgh). So, we decided to do a small tour which will be a one week trip (small tour de Scotland). Visited four places – small town called Paisley, Isle of Arran, town called Perth (yes, just like Perth in Australia) and of course the capital city of Scotland – Edinburgh. That was such a nice tour!

And surprisengly – 7 days there and no rain at all! Maybe we were just lucky or maybe it’s a good time of the year to go there (and probably all summer months).

So, let us begin… We will write about our journey in four parts. This is of course part one – post about Paisley.


Paisley is a small industrial town in west Scotland and it’s situated about 11 km from Glasgow. The town is founded in 12th century and it’s really famous for its textile industry. Paisley had a lot of mills that produced shawls with famous Paisley Pattern. Shawls were very fashionable during 19th century and they were worn by Queen Victoria. Eventhough in the later years they dropped out of fashion, that Pattern became a prouded symbol of this small town. You can see sculptures all over the town made in Paisley Pattern – very beautiful things. More about citiy you can read here.

                              Sculpture on one of the buildings made in Paisley Pattern


Maybe you ask yourself why do we picked out this small town which is not so mentiond as a destination in Scotland (a lot of you maybe didn’t even heard of it). But we have to tell you that it was worth visit it! Picked it out because it was really relaxing (not crowded at all), but yet really close to the big town – and with that – everything. It is well connected with all parts of Scotland by train. In the centre of the town is a Paisley Gilmour Street railway station from where you can get to anywhere. Trains are not that pricy and they drive very often. We travelled with trains all the time on our trip. Paisley was actually starting point for our tour.


If you are into arhitecture, you will love Paisley. There is a lot of sacral buildings such as Thomas Coats Memorial Church which is a great example of gotic arhitecture and also the largest Baptist chatedral in Western Europe. 

                                  Thomas Coats Memorial Church (wondering…)

There is also Paisley Abbey Church of Scotland (an example romansque arhitecture), Oakshaw Trinity Church, St. Mirins Chatedral and lot more. From other buildings you have a Paisley Town Hall which is really nice, Paisley Museum and Art Galleries, Central Library and Coats Observatory. 

                                         Town Hall on the river White Cart Water

 If you are not that much into arhitecture, you can just sit into a park near river White Cart Water or on the river bank on that beautiful green grass and soak up the peace, quiet and history of this small town. And you will like it, for sure! This was such a relaxing place and if you are searching for something like that, you should definitely visit Paisley.

                                 Small park on river bank (with lots of magnolia trees)
                               Green surface for relaxation (in front of Abbey Church)


We couldn’t visit Scotland and not to try tradicional Scottish breakfast. We ate at place called The Last Post. It’s near the Paisley Gilmour Street railway station and it is really a pub that has very delicious food and fine beers to offer. You should definitely visit it and try! For Scottish breakfast we got a fried egg with bacon, sausage, grilled tomato and beans..some tasty potato bread and something called “black pudding”. That is something like a sausage and for us it was delicacy. And of course with all that food we got a black tea. You should try all of this..sooo gooood…and so much food..They really know how to eat breakfast 😃 

                                                   Scottish breakfast (delicious 🙂 )


Since we are a huge fans of italian cuisine, found one great italian restaurant in Paisley where we usually went for a dinner. The restaurant called Zambretto and it was fantastic. Great waiters and top italian food. From the appetizer to the dessert everything was perfetto! We definitely recommend this place!

                          Some delicious main dish (that we can’t remember the name)
                                                                    Praline Profiteroles 

Anyway, Paisley is a charming little town – polite people, lots of relaxation spots, nice arhitecture, lots of great and cheap food, great starting point for tours like this. Visit Paisley! You will be charmed like we did, for sure! .-)

That would be all from this location –  next one will be a one magical island. Tour de Scotland part two coming soon! Stay in touch. 


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